Capture the Moment, Relive It Forever

Hire an event videographer in Boca Raton, FL

The Video Factory has over 18 years of experience filming all types of events and creating videos that replicate the excitement of the occasion. Whatever occasion brings you together with family and friends, capture the moment with The Video Factory. Our event videographers bring a new perspective to every event and create a record that allows you to continuously relive the experience.

The Video Factory takes great pride in enhancing and documenting events and parties.

For years we've been selected to film the Bnai Israel pre-school graduations, confirmations and Purim shows. We also work regularly with Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton.

The Video Factory enhances your event, party or occasion in several important ways:

  • A video retrospective adds flair and emotion to any event.
  • Artistic performances can be captured for posterity and shared with loved ones.
  • Honorees at gala affairs can have their moments of celebration preserved.
  • Your future grandkids will just love to see what their parents did on their 6th birthday!


And, of course, if the event is a religious ceremony, engagement party, memorial service or other affair of a personal family nature, the video record becomes a priceless part of the family history, to be shared by parents, children, friends and relatives.


Call today to reserve an event videographer for:

-Religious celebrations
-Retirement parties
-Holiday celebrations
-Corporate events
-Birthday party
-Prom and other school events
-Anniversary party
-Concerts and shows
-Recital, sporting event, and more